Find the plan that’s right for you
Closa is an independent community. We charge for our membership. This fund is your commitment toward your projects & help the community sustain.
All memberships include the following benefits:
Accountability Group
Stay accountable with other creators
Daily co-working session
Stay focused & get things done together
Closa Habit Builder
Help you to stay consistent & motivated
Members-only Discord Server
Get answer of questions  you can’t google
Virtual Events & Sharing Session
Stories, projects, expertise, from prolific creators
Celebration Day Event
Launch your projects & celebrate together
1 on 1 Curated Intro’s
Connect with like minded creators like you
Launch Party Week
Build in public, connect and join the hype
More in the future +
We always workin on trying something new
30-day money-back guarantee. Not satisfied? Self-refund in 2 minutes and get your money back within 24 hours—no questions asked.
What is a passion project?
A passion project means a project that makes you excited, that you do for exploration, that you have a genuine interest in, and satisfies your curiosity. Regardless if it makes you money or not.
How often do I need to attend?
We know you are busy. Attend as much or as little as you like.

We only have a main weekly online meetup (every Tuesday at 19.30 WIB) for average 90 minutes sessions. Anything else can be done in async. You can attend & participate to meet, learn, and share with other creators & builders at Closa.
How closa can fit my everyday workflow?
As simple as tweeting on Twitter. We are not productivity apps or anything like that. We are a community. Just post to closa community one story update of what you’ve done every day. That’s it.
Do I need to work on my passion project every day?
Yes and no.

We always strive to make a progress on passion project every day—even when you only have 5 minutes to work on it. We believe consistency matters to keep building the momentum. But, you can take a break for up to 3 days every week on your passion project to maintain the fun, excitement, and momentum of your passion projects.
Who is Closa community for?
We welcome all digital builders (designers & developers) & digital creators. We believe these two groups of people is the one who shaped how we live on the internet today.

Most of us are a group of Gen-Z from students to professionals supporting & inspire each other to work on a passion project from start to finish.

It fits best with anything related to digital as the deliverables of your project, such as:
Digital Products: anything related to the digital product—ebook, course, or design.
• Conten
t: videos, pictures, arts, music, articles, essays, threads.
Systems: Apps, websites.
What if I didn’t achieve my project’s goal that I’ve set in the start?
It’s totally okay. The goal is to be consistent and make tiny progress. It’s better to achieve 50% of the progress rather than zero progress.
What if I wanted to join the community but don't have passion project yet?
Closa ideal member is the one who at least has one passion project in mind.
But, If you are confused about how to pick a passion project. You can pick something you like.

You can try to answer one of the following questions:
• Who do I admire and what are they doing that I wish I did as well?
• What fascinates me?
• What am I curious about?
• What websites, videos, or articles do I explore in my free time?
• What activity have I always wanted to try?
What if the program didn’t work for me?
We always offer paid trial of a 30-day money-back guarantee. Not satisfied? Self-refund in 2 minutes and get your money back within 24 hours—no questions asked. See our pricing & plans.
I want to ask more questions—Who do I need to contact?
• You can learn more here
• DM us on twitter or instagram.
• Email us at [email protected].
• Apri (one of co-founders) also welcomes any questions — tweet/dm here