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Support the community as you grow.


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For casual usage
16 coworking /mo
16 progress /mo
2 active projects
Time tracker
Productivity recap


30k IDR
billed monthly
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For growth
Unlimited coworking
30 progress /mo
3 active projects
Time tracker
Productivity recap
Custom reminder
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Unlimited coworking
Unlimited progress
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Time tracker
Productivity recap
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Streak repair
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1 coworking session is counted when you have at least 5 minutes session inside the coworking room.
Progress tracker
Track & visualize the consistency of your progress & in calendar like habit tracker.
Active projects
Project that have progress update in the last 30 days
Time tracker
Track focus time & break time during coworking session
Daily recap
Daily work time recap of your focus session & break session generated after coworking session.
A streak is the number of days in a row you have updated a progress.
People can send you a reminder to help you get back on track when you forgot to update your progress
Edit goal
Edit project name, deadline, & goal
Project history
History of your progress update from the start to your latest progress update
Progress reminder
The bot will remind you to update your progress of the day
Custom coworking
Create your own coworking room, invite friends, & set your own rules
Custom reminder
use “/remind me” command to set any reminder of the day
Streak repair
Repair your streak for free when you miss updating your progress twice in a row
1x per 30 days
Advance report
Get a detailed report of your productivity of the week
Achievement badge
Earn achievement badge when you reach productivity milestones
Special role
Get special role as an honor that you support the community to sustain.
Glowing frame
Your progress tracker now have a glowing frame for you to flex when you reached numbers of day streaks
Pro only channel
Connect & discuss with other dedicated & prolific builders in pro members only channels
6-week challenge
Push your limit by building & growing your project in 6-week challenge & stay accountable with other builders
What’s included in pro? absolutely everything.
Unlimited Coworking
Get unlimited daily coworking session
Unlimited Recap
Generate unlimited recap of coworking sessions
Achievement Badges
Achievement Badges
Collect badges & stay motivated alongside each other
Glowing Streak Tier
A fun way to show your streak tier
Advance Report
Get full detailed report of your productivity
Questions & Answers
Why does Closa charge for subscription?
  • We believe subscription model creates a win-win incentives for both users that love the product & builders who are continuously working on it — and this is a strong signal that we’ve something valuable.
  • The only way to make it sustain is to charge our power members & allow them to support us sustainably with subscription model.
  • You don’t want to let the product that you use every day failed because of not enough profit to incentives the builders to continue working on it.
  • We keep most of things free. So you don’t have to upgrade if you only use closa casually.
What payment method do you accept?

We accept major bank in indonesia, QRIS, major e-wallets

Can I ask for a refund?
No, but you can always start with generous free plan. We also have 7 days pro membership trial. You can always try all of the features before deciding to upgrade to pro membership. People that has a problem with stay focus & get things done usually will fall in love in the first week or two using closa daily.
Who is closa community for?

Closa is best fit for digital builders / creators. If you build or create something for internet closa is for you.

What kind of projects I can work on at Closa?

If you build or create things that makes you excited you’re welcomed. Whether you build apps, SaaS, AI, digital products, contents, illustration, music album, newsletter, whatever. Our goal is to help you ship your idea from 0 to 1 and help you grow it to your 1000 true fans.

I still have more questions, where i can contact?

We have more list of questions here → FAQ

contact at [email protected]